Redefine smartphones with a cell phone
Redefine smartphones with a cell phone

Last May, Andy Rubin announced the cancellation of a new version of his Essential Phone, which he had released a year earlier, to focus “on products that will change the game, which include mobile and home devices.”

Today, the Android co-creator company decided to postpone those projects (in particular, a smart loudspeaker) and give themselves a new opportunity in the cell phone market, according to Bloomberg.

According to the publication, the new Essential Products smartphone would be able to imitate the user and respond to messages automatically. Its design, according to the sources, would not be like that of a conventional telephone: it would look like a smaller screen, because it is designed for users to interact with it through voice commands, in conjunction with the artificial intelligence of the company.

“The idea is that the product can make reservations or answer emails and text messages by itself,” the article reads. It does not mean that users could not make calls from the device.

The Essential Phone promised to be a worthy rival to Apple and Samsung, thanks to its innovative design. In fact, it was the first cell phone to incorporate the notch , which is even much smaller than the iPhone X.

However, due to its high price ($ 699) and specifications that were short, compared to other phones of that time, it failed to take off: just sold about 150 thousand units.

Thus, if Rubin wants to appear in a market that is increasingly more competitive, it must present a truly revolutionary phone to win over consumers.

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