Xiaomi Animoji on any Android phone
Xiaomi Animoji on any Android phone

The Animoji of Xiaomi can be yours with the new port taken from Xiaomi phones for your satisfaction. If you want to have those funny dolls that adapt in their expressions to yours, we show you how to have them installed.

They really are the Mimojis, instead of the Animoji that are more linked to those of the Apple iPhone. Among some of the unique characteristics of these Mimojis is the ability to record videos of up to 30 seconds, so be prepared to animate the rainy afternoon well.

Xiaomi’s mascot is waiting for you

One of the most fun and entertaining characters related to the world of telephony is Xiaomi’s mascot. This is included in the port made by one of those developers of XDA Forums that allow access to software that otherwise would be impossible.

The Mimojis, or Animojis of Xiaomi, are available for download for any Android 5.0 phone that is based on its ARM processor. If you do not know the type of processor you have on your phone, we recommend that you install CPU-Z:

  • Install the CPU-Z app:
Developer: CPUID
Price: Free+
  • Open the “System” tab and look at the information that appears in Kernel Architecture.
  • If you see the word ARM, you can install the APK of the port of the Animoji of Xiaomi or called Mimoji.

We recommend that you go through this link to know everything about this great app to know each of the components of your phone; especially if you usually download APKs that we provide in Androidsis.

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The characteristics of Mimoji

Mimoji presents this series of features:
  • 12 Mimojis.
  • Video recording with Mimojis of up to 30 seconds.
  • You can change the tone of the audio to woman, man and cartoon.
  • Record the result in the memory of your device or share the video with any social network or app.

And then there are the modified ones:

  • MIUI CTA has been removed so that it can be installed on any non-Xioami device.
  • Deleted all the information that is sent to the servers in China.
  • Unlocked the cartoon effect, although it is quite similar to the original voice.
  • The app has been translated from Chinese to English; some texts may not be accurate enough.
  • The length of the videos can reach 30 seconds, instead of the original 10.

Some things to take into account when we record:
  • If you use this app in an old device, you have to take into account that the preview of the animojis video seems to lack quality, but the video that will be saved is in its perfect quality.
  • Face tracking does not work well at all.

How to have Xiaomi Animojis on your Android phone

Let’s go to the topic, now we are going to install the Animojis port on any Android 5.0 or higher with CPU in ARM. We have already passed all the steps, so go ahead:

As the port arrives from XDA Forums, you can fully rely on having a clean APK to be able to have the Xiaomi Animojis. Remember that face tracking does not work perfectly; especially if you’re used to the iPhone or the same Samsung.

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The truth is that each of the Animojis or Mimojis of Xiaomi are very fun and enjoyable. The mascot and the panda stand out to become fun characters that are perfect for this type of task. Now you can record videos to congratulate your loved ones with these Mimojis of the Chinese brand that is roping them in these parts; with some Mi 8 that exceed 6 million units sold.

You already know how to have the Animojis of Xiaomi on any Android phone, so you can share with your friends the APK so they can record their videos and laugh at each other; Here we leave you the best animojis apps.

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