Considering using Siri offline
Considering using Siri offline

Siri is evolving little by little to become an increasingly efficient assistant, partly also thanks to the appearance of accessories such as HomePod that rely on voice commands to function. But since its inception, Siri has always depended on an internet connection to operate. And maybe Apple is rethinking this.

In AppleInsider have located a patent that reveals that Apple is considering (or has considered in the past) that it is the devices that run Siri locally, something that was initially discarded due to the consumption required to do so.

Yes, an “offline Siri” may be possible

As it is implemented right now, Siri sends our order in the form of completely anonymous and encrypted information to the Apple servers. From there it is processed, a result is generated and it returns to our device to be executed. A “Siri Offline” would not send anything to Apple, saving the encryption of the data and executing everything locally. Obviously, online information would be consulted if the query requires it, but for the task of executing Siri, it would not be necessary.

We would gain even more in privacy, but we would lose resources like storage and battery. Although in any case, the patent affirms that these resources would be saved thanks to the improvements that automatic learning would bring to recognize our orders. In addition, the power of ARM processors designed by Apple is reaching such levels that perhaps the idea of a Siri that runs locally will make much more sense.

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