Group selfies taken with the Google Pixel 3
Group selfies taken with the Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3 returns to place itself as one of the best high-end phones. It is in the photograph where he punches on the table, but not in the main chamber, but in the front for the selfies with a few simply protruding.

That is why you pay special attention to the outstanding quality of group selfies taken. The big G has placed two lenses on the front that, together with the enormous work done by the software with that portrait mode, achieve overwhelming results. As it was said, a picture is worth a thousand words.

And is that the Pixel 3 of Google has not meant a huge leap in quality compared to Pixel 2. Especially because the 2 is the one that marks the ribbon of photography on a smartphone right now.

But it is in the selfies photos with the front camera where we were totally amazed and we took our hats off to Google.

Say that none of those photos have been retouched , but are taken as such and have been published by Google itself to demonstrate the great work carried out in the front camera.

The portrait mode of Google Pixel 3 is the ideal for those group photos and even without it, overflow quality on all sides. And is that if you’re a fan of selfies, the Pixel 3 is placed as the best phone currently to perform that task and leave your contacts on Instagram overwhelmed by the quality of each.

These two front cameras are able to take pictures with the wide angle and then process the image and thus smooth out rough edges to leave a perfect selfie photograph to be shared.

  How am I, old?

Google has done it again with Pixel 3 and those photos taken in a group that leave us almost with the desire to sell the mobile phone we have in hand, break the bank and get a phone from the big G; While you can download the APK from the camera for your Pixel.

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