Samsung Android Pie themes
Samsung Android Pie themes

Samsung is preparing the disembarkation of Android Pie to the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, they are also focused on the production of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which could see the light at the next Mobile World Congress, or even earlier. On the other hand, with the new Samsung UI interface, it seems that other changes may come and we are going to comment on one of them that catches our attention.

One of these changes is related to the Samsung policy with its themes for the Galaxy, when they receive Android Pie we will see how these issues become paid, this movement has its connotations that we will explain right now.

Samsung will only give us 14 days of free trial with its themes

Apparently, a message has appeared in the Samsung theme store, this message says that with the next update to Android Pie, terminals that want to have themes of the store will be able to try them for 14 days for free, and from these days will pass to be paid. The system will warn us that the phone will lose the subject about 10 minutes before the deadline, once completed the 14 days our Samsung will be changed to the original theme automatically.

It seems that Samsung wants to reward the theme designers, and more now with the interface change that may be increasing the costs to create these themes. Samsung also says that it wants to continue offering quality issues, so you should charge them if you do not want to lose this. We do not know what price these issues will have but we do not know if everyone will be willing to pay for them.

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It seems that new changes are coming in Samsung, we will also see how they rename their low and middle range, it seems that we will no longer see the J range, and many new phones are coming in the company that will bring new LCD screens and also new designs more similar to the high range. All this seems to be designed so that Samsung does not lose its position in front of Android, possibly being the main manufacturer within the system.

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