After several months of waiting, many delays and a whole year without new episodes of his favorite series, the fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ can now breathe easy because the eighth and final season of the fiction has a release date. The first of the last six episodes of this final installment can be seen next April 2019 on HBO.

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, Bryan Cogman, co-executive producer of the series, assured that this last season would gather all the fictional characters “to defeat a common enemy, deal with their own past and define who they want to be before face certain death].”

The medium also revealed that this imminent eighth installment would have the most portentous scene of all fiction: the battle between the dead and the living. Already at the time, Kit Harington, protagonist of the first image of the last season, said that “the scenes that would have been shot in a day five years ago, now take us five days”, in fact, this scene needed a whopping two months to be completed. Therefore, the eighth season will devote a full episode to this last contest.

In addition, like the previous season, the history of these last six episodes will be considerably distanced from what happened in the literary saga, presenting new original plots with the intention of surprising the viewers of the series. Many of those chapters will last longer than normal.

Game of Thrones eighth and final season release date
Game of Thrones eighth and final season release date

Beyond ‘Game of Thrones’

Far from saying goodbye to the universe created by George RR Martin forever, HBO is already preparing the first spin-off based on the series with Naomi Watts as the protagonist. After appearing in ‘Gypsy’ and the return ‘Twin Peaks’, the actress will return to the small screen to play “a charismatic high society woman hiding a dark secret.

The eighth and final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ can be seen next April 2019 through HBO.

‘Game of Thrones’: Where will we see the actors after the grand finale?

1Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner will bid farewell to Sansa Stark by embracing one of the most important superhero franchises, that of the ‘X-Men’. The film that stars, ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’, we were going to see this year, but finally has been delayed because of the reshoots, fixing the release date on February 14, 2019.

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Surely, ‘Dark Phoenix’ comes before the premiere of the eighth season of ‘Game of Thrones’, of which no exact date of release is known. Apart from this overproduction, the actress makes the leap to the big screen with other stories after the thriller ‘Josie’, which has been released in the United States. We will see her with Asa Butterfield in ‘Time Freak’ and star and produce ‘Girl Who Fell From The Sky’, the story of a teenager, the only survivor of a plane crash.

2Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Waiting to know if Jaime Lannister will kill or not his beloved Cersei, Brian de Palma has counted on Nikolaj Coster Waldau to star in his next film, ‘Domino’, which will coincide with the same Melisandre, Carice Van Houten. There is still no specific release date for this production.

In addition, it is also rumored that the actor could give life to Geralt de Rivia in the series about the video game ‘The Witcher’ in which Netflix is involved. It seems that the pilot episode is ready for the platform to give the green light and it will be then if a favorable scenario occurs when it starts to make public what actors will join the project.

3Peter Dinklage

It does not seem that Peter Dinklage is going to make a break in his career after being Tyrion Lannister. In fact, it is of the actors that more projects announced and in production, have pending. Now we will see him in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and soon, he will premiere the films he has presented at the Toronto and Sundance Festival, ‘My Dinner With Hervé’, an HBO film in which he plays the role of the actor Hervé Villechaize, known for his participation in the saga of ‘James Bond’ and his suicide in the 90s, and ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’, by Reed Morano.

He will share screen with Richard Gere in ‘Three Christs’, whose premiere is also pending. ‘The Dwarf’, a film in which he will play a dwarf who in the Italian Court will manipulate the prince (very much in the vein of ‘Game of Thrones’) and ‘The Thicket’, where he will play a marginal character that helps the protagonist to rescue his sister, they will arrive after the series closes.

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Recently, there is also talk that the actor would be in talks to star in the comedy ‘O’Lucky Day’.

4Emilia Clarke

We’ll see if Emilia Clarke reigns Poniente and if she manages to distance herself from Khaleesi. At the moment, the actress has an important challenge with the spin-off of ‘Han Solo: A Story of Star Wars’, which premieres this May 25. Later, he will star in ‘Above Suspicion’, a thriller in which he will fall in love with an FBI agent and become a ‘snitch’.

After leaving behind the Mother of dragons, we will see in the remake of ‘The Beauty Inside’, the screenwriters of ‘Under the same star’. This is a romantic movie in which a man wakes up every day in a different body and will have to fight to keep in touch with his wife.

The actress also has pending a version of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ that was announced four years ago and could arrive in 2020. In it will meet with Nicholas Hoult to tell what has not been told so far about the robbers.

5Lena Headey

A Lena Headey may not see it as much as we would like after the fall (or not) of Cersei. Anyway, in one of the upcoming works in which he has participated, ‘Fighting with My Family’, has performed with Dwayne Johnson in a story about a wrestling wrestler!

The other film to which he is linked is called ‘The Flood’ and in it he will play Wendy, a woman who works in an immigration office and will have to decide what it will bring to an asylum seeker who is supposedly dangerous. In this work, it will coincide with Ian Glen, the actor who gives life to Jorah Mormont.

6Kit Harington

If before Xavier Dolan not immolated the premiere ‘The Death and Life of John F. Donovan’ to Kit Harington will see this year or next in the upcoming film director, apart from mounting eliminate Jessica Chastain, it has raised against the Festival of Cannes arguing that it is not the ideal festival for the premiere of his next work.

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By March 2019, the actor will be heard again in ‘How to train your dragon 3’, an animation tape in which he will double Eret again.

7Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams can not complain about the projects that will come after the end of the series. First of all, we will see her this summer in ‘Mary Shelley’, the biopic of the author of Frankenstein starring Elle Fanning. The actress has also been placed under the command of a Spanish director, Agustí Villaronga (‘Uncertain glory’), in the film ‘Born a King’,which tells the story of the childhood of the former king of Saudi Arabia in the 1920s. Williams has coincided in this project with the Spanish actor Ruben Ochandiano.

On the other hand, the young Arya Stark will soon release ‘Departures’, which has coincided with Nina Dobrev and plays a teenager with a terminal illness. Its most important premiere will arrive in August 2019, maybe even coinciding with the eighth season of ‘Game of Thrones’, with ‘The New Mutants’, which will be Wolfsbane.

8Gwendoline Christie

While Gwendoline Christie continues to try to get Capitan Phasma to have a bigger tour in the current trilogy of ‘Star Wars’ beyond that seen in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, she has made a film with the producers of ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Powerful minds’, set in a dystopian future in which very special teenagers get up to regain control of the future. It can become a new franchise of the style ‘The Hunger Games’ since it has a literary background.

It will also be released in Robert Zemeckis ‘new film, ‘The Women of Marwen’, and in a horror movie about a haunted house, ‘In Fabric’.

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