OnePlus 6T fingerprint sensor
OnePlus 6T fingerprint sensor

The OnePlus 6T hit the market a few weeks ago as one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and we have already been able to analyze some of its specifications. At first glance, the new OnePlus model does not differ much from the previous one. However, it highlights a fundamental and innovative aspect: the fingerprint reader on the screen. Well, the well-known YouTuber Zack Nelson on his channel JerryRigEverything has decided to disassemble each and every one of the pieces of the OnePlus 6T paying special attention to this innovative sensor. Do not miss it!

All the details of the OnePlus 6T optical sensor

We could already see the resistance index OnePlus 6T in previous articles when JerryRigEverything made him go through all kinds of problems. Now it is the turn of the disassembly, and we wanted to pay attention in a different aspect: the fingerprint sensor under the screen. It is an optical sensor located under the panel that is clearly shown throughout the video. Of course, from a completely different point of view that we are used to seeing and which is very difficult to access.

To be able to enjoy the internal mechanisms of the OnePlus 6T must be used thoroughly. First of all, leave the transparent housing of the device aside and begin to unscrew it from top to bottom. The sensor is located in the lower part of the terminal and covered by a protector embedded with glue. At first, it costs, but with the passage of minutes, it is detached from the base and no, it is not a camera, but the optical sensor itself that allows us to access the device. This is because it is an optical fingerprint sensor and not an ultrasonic one. In this case, the CMOS sensor is responsible for capturing the images of the fingerprint and contrasting them with the mobile information.

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One of the negative aspects of this sensor, which is also included in the video, is the absence of the 3.5 mm Jack connector. An entry that is suppressed by the integration of an innovative security mechanism that still has a long way to go and that today we have been able to see from within for the first time.

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