Delete several applications from Google Play
Delete several applications from Google Play

Google Play has just been updated with one of the innovations requested for years. The Google application store now allows you to delete several applications at once without the need for root. This process was possible in our operating system with some tricks and almost all needed root to carry it out. The other way to erase applications is to go one by one, something that can be very tedious if you want to release a good amount of space on your mobile. Today we leave you with a tutorial on how to delete several applications from Google Play at the same time.

The application store has been updated with some changes and we have already been able to test those related to the multiple deletion of applications. It works perfectly and lets you know at all times how much space you have free and what you will release after deleting applications. Without a doubt, something that we had been waiting for several years.

This way you can uninstall several applications at once from Google Play

The process requires that you have the latest version of the Google store. It depends on when you are reading this that a few hours or several months have passed since its publication. To check if you can delete several applications at once you must go to the section of ‘My Apps and Games’. Once there, you should click on ‘Installed’ to see what applications you have on your device.

It will then be when you see a card on the top with the space you have free on your device. Next, all the applications you have installed on your mobile will appear. To be able to uninstall several at once you just have to click on the storage card and then go selecting the applications you want to delete. Below you can see how much storage you are releasing with the selected applications.

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This can be very useful if you need the space to install a 600 Mb game, as you will know when to stop selecting applications. Once you have reached this point, just click on the green button at the bottom to erase all those applications and their data.

It is an extremely simple process that all users can carry out. Not only does it help you remove batch applications, but it lets you know at all times how much space you are releasing. This way you will not have to be checking it with each erased application.

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