Find your smartphone with an SMS
Find your smartphone with an SMS

It is not the first time that we recommend a simple way to find a lost Android smartphone, or the phone of your grandparents or dads (seniors), or even a child if you want to know where it is. Well, on this occasion we have another recommendation that will allow you to locate an Android smartphone with just send an SMS.

To achieve our mission we will have to install a free application available in the Play Store known as Location SMS, which will send you the location of the phone how much you ask for it through a text message.

It is important to mention that Location SMS is not an application designed to spy on users, but to help people find a lost smartphone, or to know where elderly people or children are with their phone and thus be to pay attention to them.

The best thing of all is that Location SMS does not require that the person you want to locate interact in the process of localization, and a point in favor is that being an SMS, we do not need an Internet connection either, since there only needs to be telephone coverage for it.

First steps

As we mentioned, the first thing we must do is install the application from the Play Store, this must be done in the phone we want to locate, not in both devices, because you will only receive the SMS with the location of the phone.

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Subsequently we have to authorize the application to send and read text messages, as well as to see our contacts, because they are two fundamental things to fulfill their work.

Once the application starts, it will ask us to select the contacts that can request our location, so not everyone can do it, so here is a point in favor of our privacy.

To know the location of the device, it will be necessary to send an SMS with the word Where are you? plus the verification code that comes in the application, this code can be edited directly in the settings so you can remember it easily. Once you send the SMS you will receive the response from Location SMS.

The interesting addition

Location SMS has some interesting points such as being able to mark a geographical area so that the app sends us an SMS that the team has left the marked area, so we can know if a child has left school, or, if any of our grandparents or elderly parents are leaving the area that they usually travel.

I reiterate, this does not mean that the application is created to spy, but to take care of people who can not be alone in the cities, so I constantly say that it is a good option to care for children and adults of the third age.

The application also has a paid version that allows you to add an endless number of contacts that can ask for your location, as well as delimit many geographic areas of security, although if it is not necessary with the free version you will have a good option.

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