The probabilities of dying in various extreme
The probabilities of dying in various extreme

The human being has a natural addiction for adrenaline. That’s why it looks for increasingly extreme and dangerous activities. But not everything is tempting to luck, sometimes the most everyday things have surprised several.

Hence the value of this tremendous infographic made by the specialists of Teton Gravity Research, who used several scientific studies that determine the probabilities of dying performing some of the most extreme activities such as parachuting, diving, hang gliding or base jumping; and other more everyday ones like riding a bike, traveling by plane, swimming or smoking.

It also includes mass sports such as football or skiing, and in fact addresses the risk of dying from childhood obesity in adults, or regular obesity. It’s really worth going through; and although it is in English, there is no problem in understanding how well it is done.

So you know, if you are tempting to death, it is better that you know the scientific probability of “going to a better life” for your activities.

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