New iPhone SE 2
New iPhone SE 2

The 4 inches are already history. Apple has renewed its range of phones, and has taken off the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. From now on, the oldest and cheapest phone that you can buy officially is the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for a minimum price of 529 euros.

That means that Apple has decided to end the economic range of the iPhone that recycled the design of the iPhone 5s. From now on the “old” is the design with Touch ID button, and you can choose between one of the iPhone 7 or one of the iPhone 8 to get one of those iPhone.

A big change for markets like India

The rest of models for sale are already models with Face ID and screen without borders, on sale from 859 euros and up to a stunning 1659 euros. The question that we have to ask ourselves now is how this will be received in the markets in which the cheapest iPhones are the ones that triumph the most.

For now, we just have to wait for the reservations to open and the phones to start selling. It will be an entertaining fall, and we can see the first reactions in just over a week.

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