1Hayedo de Ordesa, Huesca

Hayedo de Ordesa, Huesca

Sheltered by the valleys of the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, we find the Hayedo de Ordesa, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Huesca. We are ready to walk among hypnotic waterfalls and spectacular beech trees that dress their branches with the colors of autumn.

2Photographs that make you want to travel

We start every day with our dose of wanderlust in hotel rooms to remember, paradisiacal corners to indulge in a good breakfast, idyllic places or natural landscapes to explore as you want. We warn: beware of Stendhal syndrome. Make yourself comfortable and happy trip.

3Ponte Vecchio, Florence (Italy)

This dawn we let ourselves be conquered by the beauty of a city where we still breathe the essence of the Renaissance. Strolling along the Ponte Vecchio, the iconic medieval footbridge that reflects its silhouette on the Arno River, we clear our doubts about why it is one of the most spectacular corners of Florence.

4The Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Fantasy takes over this infinite desert of Bolivian salt, where differentiating the boundaries between heaven and earth is almost impossible. The Salar de Uyuni owes its impressive beauty to the more than 11 layers of salt originated by the evaporation of the ancient seas that bathed the continent.

5Porto, Portugal

Today we let ourselves be wrapped up in the charm of this city bathed by the Douro. Dawn in Oporto is to enjoy an overdose of color, starring the flush of the sky and the chromatic houses of Cais da Ribeira. Art, architecture, gastronomy, and beauty in its purest form are what this beautiful Portuguese corner offers us.

6Monte Fitz Roy, Patagonia

In the south of Argentina, near the border with Chile and in the interior of the Glacier National Park, stands Mount Fitz Roy: the highest mountain in Patagonia. Charmed by its pink beauty at dawn, we dodge rocks and small waterfalls to contemplate as close as possible its 3,359 meters of height.

7Rome as seen from a bird

Neither the Imperial Forum nor Bernini’s legacy. Neither the Pantheon of Agrippa nor the Fontana di Trevi. There is no greater spectacle than the dawns of Rome, and today we admire from the heights the beauty of this city upon awakening. To be able to contemplate how the rays of the sun make each one of its monuments shine as they sneak in every corner of the Italian capital should be eternal.

8Vienna, Austria

Today we contemplate one of the pink dreams of Vienna. After stopping for a few minutes to delight us with the beautiful picture that the Church of San Carlos Borromeo plays, we propose a challenge: wander aimlessly through its streets to find the best coffee in the Austrian capital.

9The Grand Place of Brussels, Belgium

Nobody can deny that Brussels has one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Escorted by facades laden with ornaments, we walk without barely blinking so as not to miss a detail of each of its spectacular buildings: from the town hall to the guild houses, passing through the Casa del Rey.

10Through the streets of Dublin

Between the foam of beer, the wet cobblestones, and their eternal fog, the body begs us to escape to Dublin. What if we fall in love a little more of this city?

11Desert of Atacama, in Chile

The feeling of being small comes from the series before any great landscape that we face, more if it is one as imposing as the Atacama desert in Chile. Close your eyes, feel the heat and listen to the silence. Good Morning!


Lisbon tastes of the sea, culture, bacalhau and good wines. The cradle of fado is a fascinating city of picturesque neighborhoods, steep streets, movie-watching and, of course, historic streetcars.

The years feel good to him, and his more than peculiar way of being has been united in recent decades a bohemian and rogue that has managed to get modernity into the city without erasing a bit of its old charm.

Chiado, Alfama or Baixa join the new neighborhoods in a vital circuit in which time stops to enjoy the importance of life in these parts, namely coffee, the poetry of Pessoa and the sunsets near the Tagus.

14Isle of Skye, Scotland

Remote, true to its traditions and with a natural landscape that falls in love. Skye is the second largest island in Scotland and the third largest tourist destination in the country.

This secret paradise hides many charms: the cliffs of Quiraing, the castle of Dunvegan, Old Man of Stor (the most famous walk) or the main city of the island, Portree, that boasts of offering what is probably the best fish and chips from the country.

Often compared to Iceland, Skye breastfeeds and boasts beauty. She who can.

15The Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Today we enjoy the first rays of sunlight of the day in the city with the name of goddess, the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and the Agora. Once again, we discover the charm of classical Greek architecture and get lost in the flirtatious streets of Athens.

16The Hanging Houses of Cuenca

Today we wake up under the wooden balconies of the famous Hanging Houses of Cuenca. After admiring how these flirty constructions defy gravity, we are ready to enjoy our daily dose of caffeine on a terrace in the Plaza Mayor, before touring the colorful streets of this wonderful city.

17Brooklyn Bridge, New York (USA)

We walk along the famous walkway that connects Manhattan with Brooklyn while the sky is covered in different shades of pink. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the many movie sets that make us dream of the spectacular New York.

18Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

A high civil servant of the emperor, before the impossibility to travel of his old parents, commanded to construct this precious orchard between 1559 and 1577. The Yuyuan Garden, located in Shanghai, is a labyrinth of Flirty ponds, pavilions, and vegetation. While crossing its zigzagging bridge, we admire the beauty of Chinese gardening at dawn.


With Leslie giving his last shots and Michael entering through Galicia, we dream of the warm colors of Havana, with that intoxicating sun that heats body and soul and seeing life go by, at least for a while, sitting peacefully on its mythical Malecon.


The landscape is overwhelming: in the middle of a valley, stone giants rise more than 600 meters above the ground, looking into the eyes of the sun.

At its summits, challenging gravity and common sense, monasteries of up to seven centuries old are erected.

We are in Meteora, one of the most unusual and unforgettable panoramas in the world.

In these abbeys, there are hardly any religious anymore, because, with the declaration of the place as a World Heritage Site and the arrival of tourism, the silence and the withdrawal necessary for prayer have been lost.

However, the monasteries retain their original shape and decoration, to which some add even small exhibition areas with Orthodox works of art and museums that tell the story of the place.

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21Sanctuary of Las Lajas, Colombia

We dawn before one of the most impressive landscapes of Colombia. In the Guáitara river canyon, almost on the border with Ecuador, we find an incredible cathedral nestled on a cliff: the Sanctuary of Las Lajas. This neo-Gothic temple competes with the beauty of the surrounding environment.

22Istanbul, Turkey

The sun rises at the Golden Horn are a spectacle. Istanbul dazzles us with its contrasts, with its tonalities. Located between two worlds, where Asia and Europe go hand in hand, the Turkish city invites us to get lost in its streets and admire the beauty of its architectural jewels, such as the Yuni Mosque.

23Hearst Castle, California

This is Hearst Castle, perhaps the first ‘Wonderland’ in history: 56 rooms, 61 bathrooms, tennis courts, a movie theater, its own zoo… crazy parties were held here with guests like the Marx Brothers, Greta Garbo, James Stewart, Cary Grant, Franklin Roosevelt… his story will continue to fill pages and pages.


The contrast reaches its maximum expression in Taipei, where the buildings of the city coexist with a mountainous background that helps to forget the daily hustle and bustle when looking up to the horizon.

In the middle of the chaos, the Taipei 101 dominates the panorama with its 508 meters of height – it is the eighth tallest skyscraper in the world.

The shape of the building resembles a bamboo stalk (symbol of growth and learning) and the views from its top floor offer one of the best postcards in the city.

25The cathedral of Leon

We walk along the Calle Ancha to see the beauty of León Cathedral, which rises in the heart of the city. Then, to make sure that the title of the city with the most bars per capita is deserved, we are going to get lost in the Húmedo neighborhood. Did you know that your famous Casa Botines is the work of Gaudí?

26Conques, France

This morning we walked among the flimsy stone houses and a slate roof that dot the mountainside of the southwest of France. Conques, which is part of the French Way of St. James, is that medieval town that makes us doubt whether we are in a dream or in reality. Did you know that inspired the scenario of the latest version of Beauty and the Beast?

27Rome Italy

We visit every corner of Rome at dawn when a romantic aura enhances its classic beauty. From Piazza Navona to the Fontana di Trevi, passing through the idyllic Trastevere district. Today we allow ourselves to be enveloped by the art and history of a city that should be eternal.

28Viewpoint of Muir Beach (California)

We wake up in the viewpoint of Muir Beach (California). This is one of those “Finesterres” of the world where the horizon is the speckled ocean, yes, of whales. It is possible to see families of whales (provided with good binoculars) and very, very possible, to see sea lions sunbathing on the rocks.

Puerto Moniz (Madeira, Portugal)

Between the sea and the mountains, north of Madeira Island, we find one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Portugal. There are many people who visit Puerto Moniz to enjoy a good swim in its spectacular natural pools. Separated from the waves of the sea by a volcanic rock formation, they are the perfect place to relax at dawn.

Riga, Latvia

They call it the pearl of the Baltic, well-deserved title. Riga is culture, color, and beauty. The charm of the capital of Latvia lies in its contrast of medieval houses with modernist facades, being the city with the most Art Nouveau buildings in the world. Do we take a morning walk through its cobbled streets? Or do we enjoy a coffee in one of the terraces of the Casco Antiguo? Good Morning!

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Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge (Antrim, Northern Ireland)

Today we wake up on an incredible suspension bridge in Northern Ireland. A few kilometers from the Giant’s Causeway, we find  Carrick-a-rede, a rope walkway that hangs 30 meters above the sea. It was built to join the mainland with the island from where the fishermen caught salmon. It was so successful that it has become one of the main tourist attractions in the country. It is worth leaving vertigo aside and walk its 20 meters in length, which offer stunning views.

Berlin Germany

The German capital boasts of being multicultural and alternative. Today we are lucky to see the first rays of sunlight through the imposing Brandenburg Gate, one of the many historical relics we find in the center of Berlin. Good Morning!

‘Before dawn’

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are two young people who meet in a train, on the way from Budapest to Vienna. Both get off in the Austrian capital, where they will spend the rest of the day and night talking about such transcendental topics as life, death or love. An improvised plan, a crush and the streets and cafés of Vienna. Pure romance!

Comprehensive Natural Reserve of Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar

A forest where there are more stones than trees. This is Tsingy, who in Malagasy, the language of the inhabitants of Madagascar, means ‘where you can not walk barefoot’. Its pointed rock formations create a unique panorama. In the explosive rainforests of this natural reserve, we can find lemurs, exotic birds or chameleons. Do you dare to cross its imposing suspension bridge? Good Morning!

Sevilla Spain

The Andalusian capital splurges art everywhere, from the Patio de Los Naranjos to the Real Alcázar, passing by the Giralda. We do not know if it will be the flamenco charm, the Mudejar architecture or the tapas in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, but what we are sure of is that Seville has a special color.

Plitvice Lakes Park, Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes Park is one of the greatest natural treasures of Croatia. The turquoise color of these 16 lakes is haunting. The waterfalls and streams of crystal clear water bathe the lush vegetation creating a postcard landscape. Normal that this wonder has been declared a World Heritage Site. Good Morning!

Bruges, Belgium

Flemish sunrises are romantic and idyllic. Bruges could take the prize to the most beautiful city in Belgium. Its medieval houses take you to a story-telling stage, the swans fill their channels and their squares with beauty, dazzle anyone.

The tourist’

A stunning Angelina Jolie and an elegant  Johnny Depp are involved in an intense romance in The TouristThis fabulous story combines mystery, action, and love, with a spectacular Venice as a backdrop. You will want to visit its canals, enjoy its palaces and stay at the wonderful Hotel Danieli.

The Antelope Canyon (United States)

The Antelope Canyon is a narrow gorge that is located in northern Arizona. Its original name, in the Navajo language, is Tsé Bighánílíní, which means “the place where the water runs through the rocks”. The rays of light sneak inside creating a spectacular game of tonalities. But it is more dangerous than it seems, when the torrential rains flood the caves, the canyon becomes an authentic dead end.

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