Mark Ruffalo Hulk Infinity War
Mark Ruffalo Hulk Infinity War

We all miss him, especially because Marvel crafty put it in the trailer, but Hulk was the great absentee of Avengers: Infinity War. Yes, we see it at the beginning, but a few seconds and only for Thanos to put the beating of his life on him.

Throughout the film we only see Dr. Bruce Banner and how the Green Monster rejects it one after another when he calls him to peel, what a good lack it was. Why did this happen? Many speculations have been generated in this regard, but we can finally count on a reliable explanation. And it is that Mark Ruffalo, the actor who plays the ominous human version of Hulk, revealed the real cause of such a lamentable absence.

To begin with, the hypothesis that Hulk does not leave because he fears Thanos after the beating he gives at the beginning of the film, is ruled out, because according to Ruffalo, what he fears most is his alter ego at the same, small and helpless, Doctor Banner.

“There’s a growing conflict between Banner and Hulk that’s coming from the beginning and it all came out of a question that Joss Whedon asked me when Hulk gets the attack from Scarlet Witch in (Avengers: Age of Ultron). Joss asked: What is Hulk afraid of? “, Explained Ruffalo to the podcast The Marveliststs.

“That is something that is very difficult for me to answer because, what is it that fears the strongest and fiercest thing in the universe? And there I realized that it is Banner. The only thing he fears is Banner and that is something that we have been reviewing since that moment. We played a lot with that in Ragnarok and continued to be groped in Infinity War and Avengers 4, “the actor added.

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From here, according to Ruffalo, begins the fear of Hulk by Banner, which is reflected directly in Infinity War. This fight between the two is also evident in Thor: Ragnarok of 2017 and his stay on the planet Sakaar.

In short: Rather than fear Thanos as an adversary, Hulk’s fear is related to the fact that it is Banner who has absolute control. Hence, he refuses to leave at the moment when Banner needs him, since that would end up reducing him to a mere weapon of power under the aegis of the Avengers.

It is undoubtedly one of the most important assignments for the people of Marvel Films towards the culmination of their multi-franchise of the Avengers in the highly anticipated installment of Avengers 4.

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