If you thought that orchids were only used to decorate homes … we have a big surprise … an investigator, Dr. Rodolfo Aniceto Solano Gómez, has studied them for more than ten years and has found that they can be useful in the treatment of metabolic syndrome , which involves imbalances in levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides, in addition to excesses in the adipose tissue.

The researcher at the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Regional Integral Development of the National Polytechnic Institute has studied the properties of two types of orchids from the Mixtec region of Oaxaca: Prosthechea karwinskii and Laelia furfuracea .

The ancestral uses of orchids

Long before the conquest of Mexico, they were used for medicinal purposes. In previous studies it was also discovered that the infusions of the species Prosthechea karwinskii serves to treat cough and diabetes, as well as to relieve wounds and burns.

That’s what gave the idea to Dr. Aniceto Solano, who thought they could have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


The laboratory tests

Maybe you’re already wondering how the researchers proved that orchids have those properties that we’ve told you… This is what they did:

  1. They obtained the extract of the orchids.
  2. They were applied in laboratory Wistar rats and analyzed their effects.
  3. The result was that in the rats the levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides dropped to a normal parameter.

Who do you want to benefit?

The researcher assures that the benefits will be given to those who live in the Mixtec region, especially because they have provided these plants for research.

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In fact, the members of the community will manage and take advantage of the orchids, since they cultivate them.

Did you know that Oaxaca, together with Chiapas, are the two states of the Republic that plant the most orchids? Each state has more than 720 thousand species. Ah… so that you compare, in all Mexico there are more than 1,300 species.


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