Eat something that has fallen off the ground
Eat something that has fallen off the ground

It’s no good, the Devil sucked it.” Surely as a child you heard this saying of your mother or grandmother after accidentally throwing some food on the ground, but how true is it? Is it really dangerous to eat something that has fallen to the ground, even if we pick it up immediately?

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, the transfer of bacteria depends not on the time the food lasts on the soil, but on the contaminated surface.

Tell me where it falls and I’ll tell you how dangerous it is

In the same investigation, experts discovered that the carpet (although you may not believe it) is a slightly better place to throw food than wooden floors or tiles (these you have 48% to 70% more chances of transferring bacteria).

However, that’s not all, a recent study from the University of Aston in the UK points out that in only 3 to 30 seconds is the time it takes bacteria to move to food that has fallen to the ground.

At what time is it possible to eat from the ground?

In none, because it only requires a small amount of microorganisms to make you sick; For example, E. coli is an agent that can cause a serious illness capable of leading to the death of a person.

Before eating that food that has fallen to the ground, think twice because you may be putting your health at risk.

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