Suicide Squad 2: the Joker for having hired James Gunn
Suicide Squad 2: the Joker for having hired James Gunn

We recently received the unexpected news that James Gunn would be responsible for writing the sequel to ‘Suicide Squad‘, leaving the door open for him to also become the director of the film. But although in principle the returns of Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto and the others are guaranteed, Gunn’s relationship with Leto may end up causing the Joker not to appear in ‘Suicide Squad 2’.

According to the Cosmic Book News website, the image that the director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ has of the actor is not very positive, coming to accuse Leto on multiple occasions of pedophile. In 2015, Gunn posted a video in Periscope in which he claimed that Jared Leto had had relationships with underage girls, and although the director was forced to delete the video, he did not retract any of his statements.

Since then, the director has continued with his accusations to Leto, again dropping the pedophile tendencies of the actor last May in response to a tweet from Dylan Sprouse in which the actor claimed that Leto had managed to establish contact by private message with all the models between 18 and 25 years old, asking Gunn if Leto starts with girls of 18 on the Internet. Undoubtedly, the bad image that James Gunn has of Jared Leto could be a strong reason for him to decide to do without the Joker if he also assume the role of director of the sequel of the group of villains of the extended Universe DC.

Will there be a radical change in the sequel?

With the arrival of Gunn to the DC universe, it is difficult to know the direction that the new movie of the villains will take, although from Heroic Hollywood they point out a tweet that assures that the script of James Gunn will imply a completely different vision than the one that David Ayer showed us in the first film, so we would not be facing a direct sequel. This could cause that the film counted on a completely new distribution, doing without Robbie, Smith and Leto, protagonists of the first delivery, and that at first they were going to return in this second part. But at the moment they are all speculations.

While we wait for new details of this new project by James Gunn to be known, the extended DC Universe continues to expand with Aquaman’s solo movie that will arrive on December 21st .

Comic book villains who should have their movie as ‘Venom’

1The Sandman

Although it is not within the superhero subgenre, The Sandman is one of the darkest villains of all that DC Comics has published. At the beginning of the run, Sueño has a cold and distant character, proud and vengeful, especially with mortal humans; but as the story progresses, it becomes more comprehensive and human. Dream gets along especially badly with his little sister, who wants to take revenge on him. He also has several lovers throughout history, although none of them comes to fruition. It has 75 numbers belonging to 10 different core stories and the main reason why The Sandman deserves his film is because, in addition to being one of the great works of Neil Gaiman, it has a lot of mythology within its crowded fantasy that could give even to make author films about the relationship between dream and desire.

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2The Hood

His first appearance could be much simpler than expected: Parker Robbins is born in the universe of Daredevil, Electra and Kingpin as a petty thief until he kills Nisanti and borrows his hood and boots. From that moment, Robbins becomes The Hood, a kind of symbiote that will end up saving, along with Kraven the hunter, Spiderman on the Battle Planet. The number of enlargements that the inclusion of The Hood could generate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so great that other characters such as Norman Osborn, Namor, Emma Frost or Loki would come out of the arena no less than in the Stark Tower to conform the Conclave. As a most epic point, it is important to comment that The Hood tries to kill Doctor Strange and that, in his first battle, he confuses Dormmamu with his physical resemblance when The Hood (Robbins) takes the form of Nisanti. A wonder of character.

3Emma Frost

Embodied by January Jones in ‘X-Men: First Generation‘, the villain Emma Frost did not have a fair and dignified role with what the character has given to the mutants’ franchise. Much more important than, for example, Sebastian Shaw (Francis Bacon), Frost is the culprit of the most acute headaches of Professor Xavier because of his project: the Infernal. Professor at the Massachusetts Academy, Frost aimed to train a group of superhuman mutants to take control of the world. Before being defeated by the Sentinels of Trevor Fritzroy, Frost faced his Infernal against the New Mutants in a battle for the possession of Kitty Pryde (Gata Shadow). Once again, we are faced with a character that can give a sense to the great temporary jumps that gave the X-Men franchise in 2011.


Grendel has a long history in the Marvel Comics Universe. It is a symbiote dragon (Tyrannosaurus) that has survived for four eras since it began its particular destruction of civilizations under Knull. He was one of the costliest villains to defeat for Thor in the Viking Age; It was discovered by SHIELD in the middle of the Vietnam War as a possible weapon against the enemy, since biomass was the cause of so much destruction; and, already in the present, with Venom (Eddie Brock) and Spiderman sitting at the same table, he had a life-and-death confrontation against Knull, who was only looking to get rid of the bodies that carried the biomass of Grendel and Venom to increase their power and continue to slaughter civilizations. It is a good option after the recovery of Spiderman and the welcome of Venom.

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Stryfe, clone of Nathan Summers (the son of Cyclops), is one of the most important characters of the mutant universe, so it is even more inexplicable that they have not resorted to him to build bridges between the first generations of X-Men, Deadpool and, the most important, Cable, of which he ended up being archenemy. Stryfe, moreover, is a creation of Apocalypse (In Sabah Nur), who infects him with a techno-organic virus. Years later, after the destruction of the villain who played Oscar Isaac in the film version, it was Stryfe who inherited the power of the hands of Ch’vayre. From there, and after founding the group ADAM Unit Zeto, Stryfe began climbing power reaching one of the most delicate moments of the series of vignettes: his attack on Professor Xavier. In ‘Dark Phoenix‘ It will not appear, but it would not be a bad idea to make a third film that deals with the parallel story of Stryfe with Nathan Summers and the relativity of cloning.

In fact, we even have an actor proposal that could play Stryfe. Look at the picture and tell us if it would not fit perfectly Matt Smith.

6Kang, the Conqueror

Formerly a scholar, Nathaniel Richards reinvented himself as Kang, the Conqueror. Coming from the future, he has the same premise as Thanos: save the world from what he calls mediocrity to conquer it. As it has been rumored, Kang could appear in the next film of Avengers as an alternative to Thanos, that is, as a distraction and justification for the latter to prosper in his idea of ​​a new world without poverty. Kang, who already advanced his story seeks the love of Mantis to have a powerful heir, is also related to the near future of Captain America (perhaps because of that disheartening tweet by Chris Evans) and with the temporary jumps of some and other characters in the fiction marvelita.


We already had a first approach to the villain who conspires with Zod to destroy Krypton (in Smallville), but the construction of the character leaves much to be desired and does not do justice to the power that Brainiac treasures, before and after his idyll with a Lex Luthor increasingly desperate to control the world and torture the good of Kal-El. Brainiac has a descendant in the future XXX century called Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) blond and physically similar to his ancestor, but dedicated to good and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, so our proposal travels in this sense. Brainiac, after redoing his body several times and being defeated by Superman in many others, manages to escape into space with Luthor. It could be good for DC to make a film that explains the achievement of this malevolent and unscrupulous character in an improved and somewhat less obscure version of himself. Further,


Darkseid is the obscurantist version of Thanos, it is the future of DC in the cinema. After killing the ancient gods and taking over the power of the Omega Force, he plans to conquer galaxies wherever he travels. The problem with this villain is that there are multiple stories around him. In some manages to beat all members of the Justice League (including Green Lantern), in others it is massacred by the army of Brainiac after it conquers Apokolips, in others it dies at the hands of Superman, in others in those of Batman, in others it escapes and leaves Earth calm. The best way to explain the multiple versions of the future of Darkseid is through the series of The CW (in Flash and Supergirl the concepts and timelines of Earth 0, Earth 1, Earth 2, etc. are very well explained), but Well, for now we will have to settle for their plot with the Mother Boxes.

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9Doctor Sivana

Doctor Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong) will be the villain of ‘Shazam’, which gives us some hope about the possibility of making a film about his origin. It is the closest thing to Lex Luthor who managed to create the writers of Fawcett Comics (DC bought the rights later, after the success of Shazam) and its influence travels from submission to Shazam (Captain Marvel) until its integration in the Justice League in the comics of the Crisis series . Sivana is the typical mad scientist with delusions of grandeur that brings a point of surrealism (sometimes cruel) to the already tiresome DC obscurantism.


Everything indicates that Cheetah will be the villain of ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘, so, as happens with Shazam, there are chances that DC will be encouraged to make a film of it alone. Arguments do not lack, since Cheetah is the main archienemiga of Wonder Woman in the cartoons, coming to face against almost all the members of the Justice League. Barbara Minerva, her name before becoming Cheetah, is a petty thief who celebrates her thefts by collecting historical items. His first confrontation with Wonder Woman occurs after the events in which he manages to defeat Catwoman. Barbara finds out that Diane Price possesses the link of truth, object with which she becomes obsessed, and decides to travel to the world of the Amazon to remove it. From then on, the multiple plots that Cheetah and Wonder Woman face are eternal, so a nice proposal to see would be the number in which Barbara has in her power the bond of truth and Diane has to face to an improved version of itself (faster, more fierce and with your best weapon). The landscapes would be, surely, a compelling reason to go see it.

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