Surgeries by Julia Roberts
Surgeries by Julia Roberts

Can you be better at 50 than at 20? Julia is the most famous one to answer this question and she would say “Yes”. And if we let ourselves be carried away by the images, we would say that over the years the Bride of America has maintained an impeccable beauty. Let’s see what is your secret, since many talk about some supposed surgeries by Julia Roberts and today we will unravel them.

Natural or Artificial Beauty:

Roberts seems to be one of the few Hollywood actresses who, after the age of 50, has not submitted to the tyranny of the scalpel. Howeverrumors have been heard for years that certain alterations could have been made. Let’s find out together what was done.

1Rhinoplasty, Yes or No?:

Traveling to the past, remembering and observing images of the artist, you can appreciate some possible changes that you have gone through. The first one we detect is rhinoplasty, with which a slight change was made in the tip of the nose .

However, this operation has not been confirmed by Julia and if it is true, we want to congratulate the surgeon who made it, because with such a wonderful technique he made a change so subtle, that it can even go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone. But not from us!

3Some other work on your body:

Although it is hard for us to believe it, this woman has an “Almost Natural” beauty, however much we look for photos and inquire into her life, she has not done any other surgical procedure. So felicitamos “Bride of America” for such a wise decision to deal with the passage of time and be aging naturally. There is no denying that she is an exemplary woman with incredible beauty.

The before and after Julia Roberts:

It is incredible to think that Julia is not operated, that at her age she is as beautiful as at the beginning of her career and even more interesting is that when her beauty perishes she is 100% natural.

What do you think about this? Do you really think what if there are surgeries of Julia Roberts that we do not know?

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