The oldest virgin woman
The oldest virgin woman

While it is true that everyone perceives and lives sexuality as he wants, we usually find stories that attract attention like sexual records. In some way, we grow conditioned by the education we receive in that sense from our closest people: family, friends, teachers, etc. In addition, another of the fundamental aspects is the religion and the vision that this one has of the sexual relations because it is not seen in the same way from the prism of the more traditional Catholicism that of one of the others.

Likewise, in recent times we are living a generalization and trivialization of erotic or sexual content through the Internet. The network and mobile phones allow anyone to access pornography websites at any time. Although, in theory, they are prohibited for minors under 18, the reality is that there is no barrier that prevents access to these sexual contents, so they can decisively and definitively influence the sexual education of the youngest of the children. home. In addition, to discover that there are people capable of making real monstrosity in this regard, you can have to remove the seriousness that the sexual aspect deserves. For all this, we wanted to collect the 10 most spectacular sexual records in the world of sex and see what your opinion is about the rest: should we be more open or more traditional? Ancient or modern? Liberals or Puritans? For now, let’s stay with these prize-winning oddities.

1An ejaculation of 5.71 meters away

As we have commented throughout this article, sexual potency is a very important factor in relationships. Although it does not have much relevance in terms of sexual pleasure, it is undoubtedly a fact worthy of being shouted to the four winds by world record holder Horst Schultz.

During a contest in the Netherlands (yes, there are ejaculation contests!) No one could overcome that record, so he continues to be one of the men with the most sexual power. Of course, the important thing is not how far it comes but the pleasure it provides.

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2Lift 14 kilos of weight with the vagina

Yes, we started strong (never better said). We often meet people who claim to have great sexual potency. They usually refer to the fact that they are able to provide a lot of pleasure or that thanks to their resistance they can spend a lot of time having sex. However, the case of Tatiana Kozhevnikova is different.

This fitness instructor has developed great strength in her intimate areas and controls her vagina to such an extent that she is able to lift a lot of weight with her. In fact, in 2014 she broke the world record of weightlifting with the vagina, with the negligible amount of 14 kilos.

3A penis of half a meter

Large phalluses are very well valued among females (and homosexual men) because they allow providing a greater amount of pleasure. The mythical phrase “size does not matter”, surely, said someone with the small male member. It is not the case of our beloved Roberto Esquivel, who has the largest penis in the world: 50 centimeters.

The Mexican has managed to snatch this honor from one Jonah Falcon, who “only” had 34 centimeters. Actually, having a phallus this big can cause more discomfort than benefit, but it’s still the perfect trait to show off.

4108 years without sex

Clara Meadmore has the dubious honor of being the oldest virgin woman. After dying at the age of 108 and confirming that he had never practiced sexual relations, he entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The Christian tradition has stigmatized intercourse beyond reproductive ends, which is why many people consider it to be something pernicious and even sinful. Something like that must have occurred to Mrs. Meadmore to spend 108 years without giving her flower.

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5An orgy of 500 people

Generally, sexual relationships usually involve two people, whether they are a couple or not. From then on, the trios are usually one of the most recurrent fantasies, and even quartets have been popularized in venues specially designed for the exchange of couples.

However, it is considered an orgy to the sexual encounter in a group or crowd. Of course, the one they organized back in 2006 was quite a bacchanal: 250 men and 250 women. Japanese people had to be, of course, since they live sexuality in a very peculiar way.

6Breasts weighing 25 kilos

Norma Stitz has gone down in history as the woman with the biggest breasts in the world. Her bra size already makes us think that we are facing something really spectacular: 102 ZZZ.

Each breast of this American weighs nothing more and nothing less than 25 kilos, but perhaps it has reached the point where more than a sexual attraction has become a source of discomfort since it has to be difficult to manage them in the day to day.

7A masturbation of almost 10 hours

Giving pleasure to oneself, as we have talked about coitus for recreational purposes, is not very well seen by certain sectors of society. Many fathers prefer not to know what their children do when they are locked in the bathroom or in their room, but it is a very clear fact.

Young adolescents love to know their body at puberty and there they discover sexual pleasure with the power of their hand. Of course, a Japanese named Masanobu took it to the extreme and in 2009 broke the world record with a simply shocking figure: 9 hours and 58 minutes masturbating.

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8134 orgasms in an hour

The climax is the climactic moment of sexual relations and the most desired moment. In contrast, there are women who have the ability to experience more than one orgasm per relationship, which are called multiorgasmic.

This is the case of Mary Shill, who was discovered by the California sexual health center. The research found that he was able to enjoy (or suffer, depending on how you look at it) 134 times in an hour.

9A gangbang with 919 people

For those people who are not familiar with the types of less conventional sexual relations, a gangbang is considered to be the intimate encounter between a woman as the central protagonist and a series of men around who interact with her.

Lisa Sparkxxx is a porn actress who has the most popular gangbang in history: she shared a scene with 919 men. Undoubtedly, a sign of the great resistance of the actress to satisfy the opposite sex.

10Attempt (frustrated) of 200 consecutive blows

We have to end this collection of records with a negative note. Sometimes, the attempt to achieve world records of such complexity can cause tragic consequences. This is the case of Caroline, a 20-year-old girl whose goal was to gather 200 men to be fellated.

The trouble is that oral sex is a great effort, especially if it is so high figures. The misfortune came with the number 75 when perhaps the lack of air meant that Caroline suffered a faint and had to move her to a medical center. Luckily, the thing was not bigger, but sex should be something to enjoy, not to suffer in that way

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