The army of cats that protects Disneyland
The army of cats that protects Disneyland

Did you know that the only well-received mice in Disney parks are Minnie and Mickey? The rest is in charge of an army of cats, which lives in a dream place in exchange for getting rid of rodents and other pests. Do you want to know more about that? Do not stop reading!

In we will tell you how it was that what was in principle a serious problem, ended up being something vital for the conservation of Disneyland.

A problem: the cats

It is not known exactly when these animals first appeared in Disneyland, although it is believed to have practically since 1955, shortly after its opening. These were found in the area of ​​the Palace of the Sleeping Beauty, just when they were doing works to incorporate a new attraction: “Castle Walkthrough”. The problem of the appearance of these street felines was, above all, the plague of fleas that led to the park.

That problem needed a quick solution so as not to disturb the people who came to Disneyland, but what could they do in this situation?

Search for a solution

Finally, the solution in which they thought was to take care of all the cats that were in that place, providing them home and deworming them from the fleas.

Due to the shapes of the terrain and to being an outdoor park, it turned out that there were a lot of rodents in its streets and attractions. Who could get rid of them? In effect, cats. The staff of the park realized that the mice were disappearing, and that the cats did not give any problems to the assistants, since they are wild and they flee from humans. For that reason they decided that these animals were going to be part of Disneyland.

Life at Disneyland

When they were considered the best pest exterminators and began living in Disneyland, food stands were installed around the property. There cats can eat when hunting does not provide enough food. All were spayed and neutered so that the cat population was under control. The members of the park who take care of other animals are also in charge of giving medical assistance to the cats, and of controlling that they have food and are well. Almost all leave only at night, when there are no more people, so that they can hunt peacefully. Others are seen during the day, although it is difficult because they hide from people.

The cats today

At present, it is believed that Disneyland has 200 cats who continue to work as hunters. The areas where there is food for them, and you are more likely to see them, are: Hungry Bear Restaurant, Taste Pilot’s Grill, White Water Snacks, Rose Court Garden, and in the ditch parallel to the Mickey and Friends Route.

Their story is so curious that they even have a website and social networks ( InstagramTwitter and  Facebook ), where you can see photos of these cats.

This is how these guardian cats work











And these are just some of the brave protectors that work at Disneyland. As you see, they take their work with a lot of responsibility.

Which of these kittens did you like the most? What do you think about this idea in general? Tell us in the comments!

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