Dark matter hurricane with the mass of ten billion suns
Dark matter hurricane with the mass of ten billion suns

You will not notice, but at this very moment a “dark matter hurricane with the mass of ten billion suns” begins to arrive on Earth in its journey through the Milky Way, which we have heard in several places and it sounds worrisome. It is not.

Ciaran O’Hare, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Zaragoza, has just published the data in one of the most prestigious physical magazines and, although the communication of discovery can be something sensational and alarming, it is a unique opportunity to study dark matter.

Beyond the hurricanes

When a small galaxy encounters a large one, the gravitational forces of the second one make shreds to the first. But there are always remains of them, spatial currents that move dark matter and other electronic waste. Last year one of those currents was discovered, the S1.

Quickly, O’Hare’s team went to work on it. It is very striking because, although its 30,000 stars have a chemical composition different from those of our galaxy, they are traveling with a virtually identical trajectory. Too identical, in fact: his way crosses completely with us. Hence the interest.

In doing calculations, they realized that as the ‘hurricane’ approaches, the amount of dark matter will increase drastically with what our prospects of finding it increases. “(There are) tons of these currents throughout the galaxy, some of them are really huge and you can see them in the sky,” O’Hare explained, but this is an opportunity we can not miss.

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