iPhone could have a hole in the screen
iPhone could have a hole in the screen

It seems that the future of smartphones will come hand in hand with all screen design. Last week, Samsung announced several of the designs that their 2019 phones would present in the market. The most notable was undoubtedly the so-called “New Infinity”, which stood out for integrating the front camera on the screen itself. Now Apple patents a new design quite similar to the South Korean company that lets us see part of the appearance of the new iPhone 2019 and 2020.

The future iPhone will carry face id under the screen

If the new iPhone has been criticized for something, it is because it has a design that is almost identical to the iPhone X of last year. The fault of this is the front notch, whose size is exactly the same as in the aforementioned model of 2017. Thanks to the patent of a new registered model we can know that the possible phones of the brand will have a totally different design and very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10.

As you can see on the Phone Arena website, future models will have the front camera located on one side of the team. This design is very similar to the one we saw a few days ago in several renders of the Galaxy S10, which makes us suppose that it will have identical lines to this in what refers to the front. It is also assumed that all the technology related to the facial release is included in the same sensor under the screen, although it could be included in the upper frame as is the case of some models such as the OnePlus 6T.

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What is not known today is whether both these sensors and the camera will be under the panel itself or if on the contrary, they will be shown as a notch in the iOS interface. Being Apple, it is more likely that they resemble the first proposed model, although nothing is disposable.

Anyway, we can only wait for new details of these models to be filtered. We must bear in mind that it is a simple patent, so it may not become a reality in models brought to the market. That the design of the 2019 iPhone is going to change is something that we have for sure, the uncertainty comes from the hand of the size of its notch (if it ends up having).

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