Google Pixel 3 screen
Google Pixel 3 screen

At the beginning of this week, a thread was published in Reddit in which another failure of Google Pixel 3 was shown. The catalog of problems seems to be growing and although not all the units are affected by all the failures, there is a great possibility that your unit contains some of all the published ones. Today we will talk about the screen and possibly the biggest bug that this Google mobile has. At the moment only the small model has shown this behavior, although we can not say that it is an isolated case. The problem leaves us with a very annoying flickering of the screen.

It is a very strange behavior that causes the screen to flash bright white. The brightness is maximized when this happens and is very annoying. Even the video that has been uploaded to Reddit is annoying when it comes to viewing it. It is not something subtle and the bad news is that it happens every time in more devices and every less time.

Google is replacing the affected units

There are already several users on Reddit who have joined the problem. It only affects the small model and we do not know if it is something that can also be reproduced in the Google Pixel 3 XL. Although it was thought that this problem could be solved by an update, Google has not said such a thing. The user with affected has opened an RMA and Google has replaced the device. This means that Google can be aware of the failure and that it can not be solved by software.

My Pixel 3 was perfect…until it wasn’t. from r/GooglePixel

If this type of failure is related to the terminal software, the first thing you will be asked to do is reinstall the operating system of your device. This has not been the case and it seems that the solution is not in updating the device. It is a problem of the internal hardware, although no, it does not affect all the Google Pixel 3 of the market. There is a small chance that you will be touched by a unit with this failure and if so you will only have to contact Google to request the replacement.

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Google is not doing everything right. Your new devices accumulate important failures related to loading, vibration or storage management. It is not the perfect showcase for this type of expensive terminals. We’ll see if the big G gets the batteries and ends up solving all these failures before the Christmas campaign.

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