The blue bird of the film Rio
The blue bird of the film Rio

In ‘Rio‘, the animation film directed by Carlos Saldanha in 2011, we were able to learn about Blu’s story. He narrated how, in the face of the extinction danger of his species, this little blue bird arrived in Brazil to mate with a female. Although in the film we could enjoy a beautiful happy ending, the truth is that reality is far from what was seen in this animated fiction.

A study on endangered species carried out by BirdLife International has declared the Spix’s macaw, a species in which the film ‘Rio’ is inspired, as “extinct in the wild”. According to the institution, this bluish macaw would be one of the eight species of birds that have become extinct in recent years, establishing deforestation and hunting as the main cause of the disappearance of these species from their natural habitat.

However, there could still be hope for the Spix’s Macaw. The report, in spite of indicating its extinction in the nature, also indicates how at the moment a total of 60 or 80 birds survive of this species bred in captivity, being able to find specimens in places like the Loro Parque de Tenerife.

More endangered species

In the data collected by BirdLife International, it is also reported four other birds in danger of extinction or with a high probability that the species has disappeared. This is the case of the Javanese lapwing, the diadem lori, the Pernambuco mochuelo and the Anclorhynchus glaucus, birds seen for the last time between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 2000s.

Movies featuring animals 0

1Cats & Dogs

Who does not remember Mr. Tinkles and his intentions to dominate the world? In 2001 this film by Lawrence Guterman came to theaters where a Persian cat with a desire to power, begins a master plan to dethrone the human race to subdue it. For this he decides to attack directly his best friend, the dog. Some canine agents will not make it easy for you and will fight to protect yours and the entire human race. The departure of an ancient dog agent, will cause Lou, a rookie beagle to be his successor. The film featured the voices of Tobey Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon and the presence of Jeff Goldblum and Elizabeth Perkins.

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2Planet of the Apes

There is no cinematographic saga that best represents the title of this tribute: “when animals dominated the world”. ‘Planet of the Apes‘ has become a whole franchise that takes many generations behind them. For a few years, the conquest and the arrival to power of the apes in the world has been counting on prequels to the original film as they have been ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘ or ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘. This story, to remember, told us how these animals managed to subdue the human race becoming the absolute sovereigns of Planet Earth.

3War Horse

Horses are one of the animal species best considered by society. It is not surprising that films starring them are successful at the box office. In 2011, Steven Spielberg decided to embark on a war adventure with horse included. ‘War Horse‘ focused on the adventure lived by Albert, the son of a farmer, who creates a very special connection with a foal. After selling it for an economic crisis of the family, the war breaks out, causing that Albert decides to embark in a trip to survive the war and to return to be with the horse. She was nominated for the Oscars, including best film.

4Stuart Little

Major protagonist that ‘Stuart Little‘ may have but as human as he does not. This little mouse in the film version is adopted by the Little family. Along with his brother George, Stuart will have to face an endless number of adventures after leaving the orphanage where he was held. You can not miss the inclusion of other animals, in this case Bola de Nieve, an adorable cat that becomes the amienemigo of Stuart. Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis were in charge of co-starring in the film with the mouse, as well as a young Jonathan Lipnicki and the voice of Michael J. Fox as Stuart.

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5King Kong

If we talk about ‘King Kong‘ any film version of the great ape is valid to be included in this set. The original movie was a pioneer in special effects and the stop-motion technique. The reality is that he did not conquer the world as in ‘Planet of the Apes‘ but he has become a figure of popular culture, both film and in society itself. Its last release was in 2005, with a homonymous adaptation directed by the famous director Peter Jackson and starring a brilliant Naomi Watts. The question is: who does not know King Kong?

6Marley & Me

The stories with dogs are usually the most used in the cinema with respect to the animal kingdom and the reality is that reception is not usually negative. David Frankel directed ‘Marley & Me‘, a film starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. The reality is that this little dog has no intention of conquering the world but it is true that in recent years it has become one of the most popular animal tapes among the public. The reception of the criticism was not negative either, so we could say that Marley conquered our hearts with her particular appearance in a newly married couple.

7Moby Dick

You could not miss the classics and talking about animals is essential to talk about ‘Moby Dick‘. In 1956 John Huston made a film adaptation of Herman Melville’s book. The argument, already known to many, revolves around Captain Ahab and his intention to kill the white whale that tore his leg, in question Moby Dick. After going out to hunt whales, the captain manages to find out the whereabouts of the whale, going after it. ‘Moby Dick‘ has been a recurring classic, especially in literature, so it is considered one of the most iconic animals of popular culture. Gregory Peck was in charge of giving life to the famous captain, being accompanied by the famous Orson Welles.

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8Two Brothers

In 2004 a French film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, ‘Two Brothers‘, gave a new perspective to the animal world and the consequences there are. To remember a little, in the film we were with two tiger pups with two totally different personalities. Fate causes both to be separated, one of them will be a circus star, while the other will be the mascot of the colonial administrator’s son. As a fate joke both will have to fight in the arena against each other. It was attended by Guy Pearce and also by the Parisian Jean-Claude Dreyfus.

9Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Let’s get a little sentimental and cloying. After this recount, we could not miss one of the most touching dogs in the world of cinema. Hachiko starred, without a doubt, his homonymous film or also called ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale‘. The story begins with Parker Wilson, a university professor who one day recognizes a dog of Japanese origin and Akita breed. In this way, Wilson will discover the strong bonds that can occur between a man and his pet. Richard Gere was in charge of giving life to the dog-like counterpart. The film was directed by Lasse Hallström and is a remake of the Japanese film ‘Hachiko monogatari‘ of 1987.

10My Dog Skip

The conquest and domination of animals does not have to be always literal, but they can also be found in the conquest of the sentimental plane. ‘My Dog Skip‘ movie starring a then famous Frankie Muniz accompanied by figures like Diane Lane, Luke Wilson or Kevin Bacon. The reason why ‘My Dog Skip’ conquered the viewers was that the film told us how a shy boy could come little by little to have confidence in himself. Undoubtedly, Skip is a clear example that animals can also be man’s best friend even more than people themselves.

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