Motorcycle Jackets
Motorcycle Jackets

Leather accessories for motorcyclists are not just a matter of fashion. They are good to protect them from minor injuries, as well as to keep them warm while driving in colder climates. That, without mentioning how good they look to complete the typical ‘look’. But the darker leather jackets, which are some of the most popular, also have an obvious drawback: they make motorcyclists hard to see in the dark.

This poses a clear safety risk for lovers of motorcycles, and therefore, a new company had literally a brilliant idea to help reduce this problem, creating the “first light jacket for cyclists.” Manufactured by the French company Raylier, this jacket promises to make drivers more visible on the road, thanks to several strips of integrated LED lights, which can be ignited at the push of a button on the belt of the jacket. The objective is to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads, of which motorcyclists currently represent around 18 percent.

“More than 60 percent of accidents involving motorcycles are due to lack of visibility,” said Baptiste Rosay, one of Raylier’s co-founders, to Digital Trends. “Thanks to our jacket, we improve its visibility to avoid shocks and save their lives.And more than visibility, we improve communication with road users.”

Rosay explained that a warning mode will make the lights on the jacket blink, and make the driver clearly visible in areas or situations of risk. In addition, it has a brake light that works autonomously thanks to a built-in accelerometer, which intensifies the taillights in synchrony when the motorcycle slows down.

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The jacket is made of ultra-resistant leather, which according to this company is of higher quality than the materials used by competitors in a similar price range. Each garment is also equipped with a visco-elastic protective layer. This is vital because, if an accident occurs, the jacket should help reduce the risk or severity of the injuries.

But not everything is protection. The jackets were also created with style, paying attention to the design for use in other situations and not just when you are on the road. While the LED light strips can be seen instantly when they are on, when they are off they do not attract attention.

As always, we offer our warnings about the potential risks inherent in crowdfunding or crowdfunding campaigns. These may include projects that are not carried out on time, products that do not turn out to be as described or, in the worst case, even products that are not shipped at all.

However, if you are aware of these risks and still want to get involved, you can visit the Kickstarter page of Raylier’s jackets. Prices start at 540 euros (around $ 615 dollars), and the shipment is scheduled for February 2019. If next year you see a series of luminous motorcyclists, it means that the project had a successful participation.

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