The animals do not dress like us, they already wear their standard clothing in the form of a cloak that protects them from the inclemency of the weather, shields them from the cold and even takes away the heat. In some circumstances it may be advisable to place a warm coat on the dog, for example, when you have a specimen whose natural habitat is warmer. There are also occasions, such as rainy days, in which the owners prefer to put a raincoat to our pet (which hinders as little as possible) so that it does not become like very soup when we take it out for a walk. This is very different from putting on a Halloween costume, especially an outfit with which clearly the dog is not comfortable. We refer to the typical ghost costume with the sheet over the head (the dog can hardly see and can stumble), one that is narrow and those that have become fashionable and cover the entire body of the animal simulating that their front legs They are arms or another animal (many pets can be overwhelmed by the latter). The dog will not be comfortable if you wear it with very warm fabrics or wool in fact it could suffer a heat stroke.

Costume party in your house

This year you are going to celebrate Halloween in style and you are looking forward to dressing the furry one for the occasion. Three situations are presented: that your dog does not allow anything to be put on him, that he is accustomed to wearing something light like a scarf around his neck or that he walks so richly carrying all the paraphernalia on his back. In the first case, for the well-being of the animal it’s going to touch you and not put anything and in the second you can choose an ad hoc necklace, a pumpkin scarf around the neck, a garland on the neck or even a headband or cap, if it is left. Letting your dog get everything does not mean you have to go through the bad time of going with something that he does not see, he squeezes or stumbles, he takes care of these details. 

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Finally, there are dogs that are overwhelmed in noisy and crowded environments. Reserve a quiet corner for your dog, in case you prefer to be out of the party and do not let anyone get in your way.

Here are the guidelines to disguise the dog on Halloween without being uncomfortable. You know, at the first sign of discomfort, take it all away.

1The first thing is your pet

Yes, you love Halloween, you dress up ad hoc , you decorate the whole house, you have prepared a sack of sweets for all the children that knock on your door asking that “Trick or treat?” And even cook scary food, but your pet does not have to like it , accept it.

2Sign that he does not like the disguise

If the furry tries to take off what you have put on him or directly bites the garment , he is telling you, please, take it off, that he is not comfortable.

3There are dogs that can not tolerate disguises

There are dogs that can not stand that nothing is put on them (not even a handkerchief on their necks!) And others that just wear a dog sweater or some accessory like that. If your pet belongs to the first group it is obvious that you should not put a costume on it.

4Sign of not feeling well

If you put a Halloween ornament on your dog, such as a hat or a headband, your head will not feel good, or stressed or scared. Do not force.

6A costume of his size

That the disguise is loose does not mean that it goes great. Find one that is exactly your size to make sure you see well and can walk normally. The garment should not have any element that hangs or protrudes as it may frighten you.

7No to wool

If you dress your pet in a woolen costume, you could get fuzz in your eyes and nose and bother you.

8Lightweight fabrics

Your dog already has his “coat” in the form of a good coat, do not cause a  rise in body temperature putting a costume made of thick winter fabric.

9Safe costume

This is very important and occurs in the same way as if the pet were a small child. We will never put on any costume that carries small items such as buttons, rhinestones or a hook because they could play a trick on you . The dog can bite these details and choke on them.

10How about a Halloween touch?

Your dog does not tolerate that they disguise it, it is the most normal thing in the world, it is an animal and the animals do not dress but you would be happy to put something on it and you do not want to bother it. How about a pumpkin scarf tied loosely around the neck? And an orange necklace with Halloween theme?

11The perfect time

Dog Tie Halloween couple

If you are going to organize a costume party at home, do not have the dog disguised hours before it starts. Put on your suit when it starts.

13No to the costumes that take the whole body

Surely you’ve seen dogs disguised in a suit that covers their entire body and that simulate another animal or it seems that the dog had arms. It is not very difficult to understand that with this paraphernalia the pet may not be comfortable. Discard this type of disguises if you see the hairy one overwhelmed.

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