Two abandoned dog friends manage to beat fate and be adopted together!

As they say, reality surpasses fiction with a certain frequency: if they told us this story in a certain way, we would not believe it. In the script there are dramatic moments, a great friendship, unexpected turns to keep the tension. And an end, against all odds, happy.

Once upon a time there were two dogs, Abby Riley and Otto, who were very, very close friends. Both lived on the street, they lived poorly, but always together. Then they were rescued and entered a protective: there they did not know of their friendship and the two dogs were separated.

Every night Abby ran away and was found in the morning next to Otto’s cage.

Even so, his friendship had complicated to survive. It is very difficult for two dogs to be adopted together and in this case, in addition, there was an additional handicap: Abby had some problems of fear and socialization that had to be resolved before they could try to find a family for her.

Otto, on the other hand, was ready to be part of a family and he was adopted while Abby worked with canine educators.

She returned to the protective and soon also found a home, other than Otto’s, of course.

And this is when the unexpected miracle occurred : Abby’s family contacted the protector again: they had decided to adopt another dog… At that moment, the force of fate that Mecano said, the people who had adopted Otto warned to the protector, they could not keep the can.

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Yes… Abby’s best friend was looking for a home again.

In this video -where they tell us the whole story that we just explained to you- you can see the meeting between the two friends.

It’s a spoiler but I’m sure you can imagine it: it was a real success! Now finally Abby Riley and Otto can live together, being part of the same family.

And how are you both doing in your new home? Adapted? Well… you can say yes 🙂

They have a Facebook in which their humans are sharing the news about this fabulous couple.

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