Europe approves copyright law
Europe approves copyright law

Today, it has been announced that the European Parliament approved the copyright law in the digital environment, that is to say, that from now on, European creators will have to be paid whenever they use any of their jobs.

Similarly, there is an article in which refers to the regulation that will have the contents that are uploaded to video platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, so the controversy has not been made wait between users.

These articles, which are 11 and 13 respectively, have provoked an intense discussion among Internet users who see them as rules that attempt against the very nature of the network, which consists of freedom of expression, without limits or copyright.

However, the board’s rapporteur, Axel Voss, has said that these implementations are treated the opposite, since they consist of giving fair treatment to all the people who are involved in the creation of content:

“(The goal is) stop the exploitation of European artists on the Internet. We are talking about big technology companies that are winning mountains and mountains of money at the expense of European artists and creators. “

Although the idea of ​​justice sounds good, it is not completely accepted, because this imposition would be directly attacking the famous memes that haunt the entire network, since these, which are ridicule at the end of the day, are based on the content of third parties, who evidently are not receiving any profit for it.

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In this way, it is that networks like Facebook will have more control over the content, because they will have to monitor and filter them to safeguard the author’s rights.

Undoubtedly, this is a controversial issue, because much of the changes that occur in a certain country’s network tends to expand towards others, so there could be an idea that what is happening in Europe reaches the American continent.

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