The best Roscón de Reyes in Spain?
The best Roscón de Reyes in Spain?

There are some traditions that should not be lost and more if there is sugar at stake. The Roscón de Reyes has an ephemeral success, only two or three days a year, so knowing where to find it is essential because it is not worth anyone.

Do not be fooled the best roscón is the one that is made with a lot of love, with hours of work and early risers. In this list you will find the best combination of flavor, tradition and know-how. How is your favorite cake?

The nougat roscón of Mama Framboise.
The nougat roscón of Mama Framboise.


Legendarios are the roscones of the Obrador Formentor ( Calle de Hermosilla, 81) also  known for their ensaimadas and for being one of the harvesters that sells more roscones this holiday season. If you want a memorable roscón have a 2.5 kg. Would you dare with him?

We continue with a classic, Mama Framboise (Calle Fernando VI, 23) where you will find some different ones like the Galette des Rois (for around € 30), the  raspberry roscón and the special 2017 turrón de Alicante. If you have problems with gluten, we recommend Sana Locura Gluten Free Bakery ( Calle del General Oraá, 49). 

When we talk about preserving good habits, we talk about the Confectionery El Riojano (Calle Mayor, 10) that since 1855 has been working with typical sweets such as roscón. Around here have passed some illustrious characters such as Queen Maria Cristina or as the playwright Jacinto Benavente .


King or bean? If you get the second, you'll have to pay for the roscón the following year.
King or bean? If you get the second, you’ll have to pay for the roscón the following year.

In the Born district of Barcelona you can find the Hoffman pastry shop (Carrer dels Flassaders, 44) known for its classic  marzipan roscón By the way, you’ll have to order them on request because they fly; You can do it until a day before. You could not miss the roscón of the Escribà Pastry ( Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 546 ), one of the best roscones in the city for its variety and originality.

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The Pastisseria Barcelona (Via Augusta, 166) is another place that you should aim at your list. They work by order, so the customer takes his roscón fresh out of the oven (literally).


In La Rosa de Jericó (Carrer d’Hernán Cortés, 14) in Valencia they have been working since 1890 to make one of the most popular roscones in the province. In the workshop they recommend the roscón without filling because the dough has a unique flavor.

If you ask in Alicante for the best roscones de Reyes you will be directed to  Paco Torreblanca in Elda, which you will also find in Valencia and Petrer. In addition to the traditional, the most famous are  candied fruit, angel hair and whipped cream.

The secret of the roscón, as in pizza, is in the dough.
The secret of the roscón, as in pizza, is in the dough.


100 years of pastry tradition have turned the Zuricalday Pastry into one of the best known in Bilbao. History rules and that’s why here the classics without fillers are the best sellers. They are sold only on days 4, 5 and 6; no need to order them previously because they reserve a large item for sale.

Fluffy and with aroma of orange blossom, so are the Pastry Oiartzun (Street Igentea, 2) in San Sebastian. This year the surprise is related to Star Wars.


Where can you find king kings roscones in Zaragoza? The answer is Majema ( Calle Nicanor Villa Villita, 9 ). In this bakery opened since 1961 last year they sold 1,200 roscones, we will have to find out the secret.

The roscones of the Bakery Leovigildo Fernández, in Valladolid.
The roscones of the Bakery Leovigildo Fernández, in Valladolid.


Mallorca is one of the islands with the most tradition in roscones. Here we recommend the Lluis Perez Pastry Shop ( Calle Bonaire, 14 ) in Palma and in IbizaLa Canela Bakery, where they have sold 3,000 roscones at parties.


They say they are the most wanted of Valladolid and Palencia. The Bakery Leovigildo Fernández ( Calle Olivares, 20 ) in Villabáñez prepares around 3,000 roscones in Reyes. If you go specifically to look for it, do not forget to buy one of your muffins made with extra virgin olive oil. 

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In Pastelería El Acueducto ( Paseo Ezequiel González, 25 ), the most popular are the whipped cream made by them in their own workshop with high quality raw materials .


In Albacete the King and Queen have  breakfast on days 5 and 6, accompanied by a cup of chocolate. In the Confitería Switzerland ( Calle Rosario, 15 ) making them take 100 years, and as a curiosity in these roscones no bean, although figures surprise.

It was in the autumn of 1986 when the first roscones came from Obrador Pastelería Lara ( Av. Antero López, 50 ) in Toledo. His speciality? The whipped cream of cow’s milk and the texture of the bun. You can not miss the Roscón de Reyes from the Pastelería Santo Tomé (Plaza Zocodover, 7) which although it  is well known for its marzipan, also makes some delicious roscones.

The origin of the roscón is related to the Roman saturnalia, not to the wise men.
The origin of the roscón is related to the Roman saturnalia, not to the wise men.


Year after year, long queues of people wait at the doors of the Confitería Glaccé (Calle Menéndez y Pelayo, 16). Their fame is such that they are commissioned from December 1 and some are taken to 5 or 6. You will have to try them!

More than 95 years making roscones de Reyes endorse Kopena as one of the best bakeries in Pontevedra. Here the favorites are the roscones without filling.


In the bakery Ovetus (C alle Santa Susana, 1) of Oviedo they bake up to 2,500 roscones every Christmas, all made in an artisan way since 1993. The one that has more success is the typical one of Asturias with  puff pastry and almond cream.


If you are looking for good roscones in Logroño you will have to stop by the Pastry Iturbe (Calle Víctor Pradera, 6). His  is one of the most popular in the city, especially the pastry cream.

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The fermentation of the dough is one of the secrets of the success of the roscón.
The fermentation of the dough is one of the secrets of the success of the roscón.


How do roscones in Huelva? In the La Torre Bakery ( Calle Real, 33 ) in Lepe, they have it clear: olive oil, freshly made sourdough, products from the land and an artisan workshop. There are classic ones, with cream and vanilla cream from Madagascar.

Pastelería Jesús (Calle Bizcocheros, 28) in Jerez de la Frontera is another essential address.  Attention, because  this roscón carries a real prize.  Each one of them contains inside a parchment in which you will know if you have been awarded with up to 500 euros. 

In the Confitería Aparicio ( Plaza Capuchinos, 15 ) they sold around 4,000 roscones de Reyes in 2016. Their homemade pastry is one of the most sought after in Málaga. There is a lot of tail, so it’s your turn to get up early to have yours.

How do you eat the roscón in your family?
How do you eat the roscón in your family?

In La Campana de Sevilla Confectionery ( Calle Sierpes, 1-3 ) the most famous are cream fillings. Although they also have other peculiar as  citrus fillings, very similar to angel hair.

In La Dulce Alianza de Almería ( Paseo de Almería, 2 ) the  roscones are from the day and only the 5 and 6 His specialty is the classic roscon without filling to accompany a good chocolateIn Córdoba we highlight Pastelería El Brillante ( Calle Arruzafa, 7), its rotating oven more than 70 years old has much to do with the flavor of its roscones.

If the Kings have brought you coal or simply have not thought of you, you can always use a good roscón e n la Patisserie Videres ( New Street, 54 ) of Granada, where he also must try  the actual cake, one of the delicacies the most enjoyed by an assiduous client,  Queen Fabiola of Belgium.

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