Muscle Cramps Occur
Muscle Cramps Occur

If you are reading this article it is because you are looking for a solution to prevent muscle cramps. I’m sure since more than one has woken up at midnight with a horrible cramp in the twin, and does not quite know why, but a nice feeling is not.
To find out why muscle cramps occur, a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found the link between athleticism and cramps.

The researchers claim that cramps occur as a direct result of athletics. Like those that happen to us at night, suffering one in the middle of a game or a competition can be the greatest of chaos, even reasons for withdrawal. It seems that the frequency of cramps is greater in people who exercise, even the consumption of creatine can favor its more frequent appearance.

Can they be avoided?

You will have heard that a banana can help you avoid it, thanks to its potassium – rich content. You already know that electrolytes have a fundamental role in muscle contractions.
It is also advisable to drink water, especially if we consume creatine, since the demand for liquid is greater.

The researchers took into account many variables to see which were related to muscle cramps. Unfortunately, the most common factor responsible for cramps (electrolytes) not studied … But we tell you what were the variablesthat included: level of competence, hydration, years, position of play, history of colic, back pain, use of orthoses in foot, ethnicity, pre-cramps, foot posture, muscle flexibility, number of games played and hit on the foot.

On this occasion, the chosen volunteers were rugby players. They were divided into two groups: those who had suffered some cramping in the twin during the game and those who did not.
The researchers took into account all the previous data and began to relate each factor with each group to find some association.

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What factors are decisive?

Three relationships were found, although hydration is not one of them. Maybe water only helps when there is an excess of creatine.
The results showed that players who had suffered colic tended to suffer more cramps. Although the athletic level and pain in the lower back also influences.

It is expected that the cramps in the twin decrease with experience, since it will create greater resistance for the purposes of exercise, but this does not really happen. The higher the level of the athlete, the greater the risk of cramping.
And, as we said before, low back pain is also a risk factor. While having examined other postural factors, such as foot posture or the use of orthotics, only back pain was associated with cramps.

So until another investigation says otherwise, it seems that the intensity of exercise and posture have a greater relationship with muscle cramps. In terms of intensity, you’ll have to put up with it if you’re a professional athlete; But the posture and the health of the back can treat it from now on.

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