Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are updated
Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are updated

We have seen how Microsoft has practically abandoned Windows Phone to its fate. Despite more than promising beginnings, Windows on mobile has ended up being a nonsense of epic dimensions. We have seen how other alternatives to iOS and Android have disappeared: Firefox OS, Tizen in its beginnings or MeeGo are history, but its defeat can not be compared to that of Windows Phone.

The problem is that although not in the same number as the iOS and Android platforms, the park of owners of a Windows phone is what it is. They are there and it seems that the American company does not want to leave them lying or not at least for now. It is the only reason that can explain why they continue to release updates for Windows 10 Mobile today when not even from the company believe in their future.

A very minor update

If you have a phone equipped with Windows 10 Mobile you will see how it will arrive in the next few hours, if it has not already arrived, a notification alerting you of the availability of a new update.

This is the Build 15063.1324, an update that comes focused mainly on improving the stability of the system and add performance improvements and bug fixes. Do not expect to find new features in the form of new features. This is what this Build provides:

  • Added security updates for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft scripting engine, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows media, Windows Shell, Device Guard, Windows datacenter networking, Windows kernel, Windows hyper-V, Windows virtualization and kernel, Microsoft JET Database Engine , Windows MSXM, and Windows Server.
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A Build that brings nothing but security updates and improved performance. If you have not yet reached and want to check your availability can do so by going to the “Configuration Menu” and search “Update and security” and then click on “Check for updates” and wait if it detects Build 15063.1324 for download and update.

A new Build for Windows 10

Where the picture is totally different is in the desktop systems. Constant releases, with waves of Builds inlcuidas to which now adds Build 17134.285. These are the improvements that it brings:

  • Provides protection against a Specter Variant 2 vulnerability (CVE-2017-5715) on devices that have ARM64 processors.
  • Fixes the problem that causes the Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) to not run correctly.
  • They also add security updates for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft scripting engine, Microsoft Component Graphics, Windows Media, Windows Shell, Windows Hyper-V, networking Windows data center, Windows and core virtualization, Linux, the Windows kernel, Microsoft Jet database engine, Windows MSXML and Windows Server.

If you want to check the availability of said Build, you can download it by going to the “Configuration Menu” and look for “Update and security” and then click on “Check for updates” .

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