Dog Yoga Posture
Dog Yoga Posture

We present the position of the dog looking up:

The Dog’s position in yoga serves to strengthen the wrists and shoulders. With the yoga Asana of the Dog you will open the chest and you will work the column. The Dog is one of the yoga postures that form the Sun Salutation.

How to do the dog’s posture in yoga

  1. In a lying position looking down and resting the palms of the hands against the floor, with the fingers pointing in front and in line with the shoulders. The elbows should be close to the body and the feet separated from the line of the hips, with the fingers pointing inwards.
  2. Grab air and press the palms against the floor to lift the body slightly. Drag the hip forward until the insteps are resting against the ground. Stretch the arms and move the chest forward. Keep your legs stretched and in tension. Contract the muscles of the front face of the thighs to detach the knees from the floor, but with relaxed buttocks. The weight of the body should fall on the hips and the palms of the hands.
  3. Place the shoulders back and down, with the chest still raised and forward. The arms of the arms should drag, imaginatively, the palms of the hands towards the hips, as if pulling backwards. Tilt your head back a little and look up at the sky.
  4. In a single exhalation, bend the knee and lower to the initial position.

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